Howdy! Picking out the 'right' color scheme for your Web Presence may be a simple task for some. Some people put a lot of thought into which colors go best together. The Wiz is gonna' tell ya' a secret. Many people have a color perception deficiency problem and may never realize it. No, not the same thing as 'color blindness', more like a 'shades of color' problem. Shades of green look green, shades of blue look blue, and so on ...........
{except for shades of gray - then we think of Davy Jones?}.

This page shows a lot of colors and the mouse over effect shows ya' what the color would look like as the background. This page is like walking into a paint store and having walls of color to pick from {bigg grins}

Wanting to know how the text and the links{linked, visited, and active} look with the background color you want? Here is a super site for that quest! Thanx to Joe Barta for this fabulous utility for color selection.

Unveiling the

Merkury Color Page


Eve wrote, "Well folks, it was panic time! ...this is the color code that was my absolute favorite to use...and when I was NO LONGER THERE without the 404 error...but luckily I had it in my I can not take the credit for this..except for saving it for others to find and use."

"*note: 2/15/97....Thanx to Jim Jr, who took the time to fix this chart RIGHT! So a great deal of the credit goes to the original authors, and to Jim Jr, for making this chart more easily used! *smile* EVE"

Thanx Eve n Jim! It was always my favorite, also. I added a little mouse over effect I also liked from another no longer existing site. Hope ya' all like it. IF you use MicroSoft InterNet Explorer {sorry, NetScape won't allow it}, just by passing your mouse pointer Over the Joker, the background color will change. CAUTION: IF you click your mouse button, you will go to Merkury's Home Page. That's cool, IF Merkury is where U R wanting to go? Thanx, Wiz

Listed below is a quick reference guide of a few color codes you can use when defining the background, text and link colors in HTML documents. Again, IF you use MS InterNet Explorer, just by passing your mouse pointer Over the Joker, the background color will change so you will be able to view the actual color as the background in the table listed below. Have Fun!

HTML Code Meanings

Color Names and Codes

Once more, IF you use MS InterNet Explorer4 or greater, just pass your mouse pointer Over any Joker below to view the background in different colors!!

Color Name Code Color Name Code Color Name Code
AliceBlue eff7ff AntiqueWhite f9e8d2 AntiqueWhite1 feedd6
AntiqueWhite2 ebdbc5 AntiqueWhite3 c8b9a6 AntiqueWhite4 817468
Aquamarine 43b7ba aquamarine1 87fdce aquamarine2 7deabe
aquamarine3 69c69f aquamarine4 417c64 azure efffff
azure2 deecec azure3 bcc7c7 azure4 7a7d7d
beige f5f3d7 bisque fde0bc bisque2 ead0ae
bisque3 c7af92 bisque4 816e59 Black 000000
Blanched Almond fee8c6 Blue 0000ff blue1 1535ff
blue2 1531ec blue3 1528c7 blue4 151b7e
BlueViolet 7931df Brown 980517 brown1 f63526
brown2 e42d17 brown3 c22217 burlywood1 fcce8e
burlywood2 eabe83 burlywood3 c6a06d burlywood4 806341
CadetBlue 578693 CadetBlue1 99f3ff CadetBlue2 8ee2ec
CadetBlue3 77bfc7 CadetBlue4 4c787e Chartreuse 8afb17
Chartreuse2 7fe817 Chartreuse3 6cc417 Chartreuse4 437c17
chocolate c85a17 Coral f76541 coral2 e55b3c
coral3 c34a2c coral4 7e2817 CornflowerBlue 151b8d
cornsilk fff7d7 cornsilk2 ece5c6 cornsilk3 c8c2a7
cornsilk4 817a68 Cyan 00ffff cyan1 57feff
cyan2 50ebec cyan3 46c7c7 cyan4 307d7e
DarkGoldenrod af7817 DarkGoldenrod1 fbb117 DarkGoldenrod2 e8a317
DarkGoldenrod3 c58917 DarkGoldenrod4 7f5217 DarkGreen 254117
DarkKhaki b7ad59 DarkOliveGreen 4a4117 DarkOliveGreen1 ccfb5d
DarkOliveGreen2 bce954 DarkOliveGreen3 a0c544 DarkOliveGreen4 667c26
DarkOrange f88017 DarkOrange1 f87217 DarkOrange2 e56717
DarkOrange3 c35617 DarkOrange4 7e3117 DarkOrchid 7d1b7e
DarkOrchid1 b041ff DarkOrchid2 a23bec DarkOrchid3 8b31c7
DarkOrchid4 571b7e DarkSalmon e18b6b DarkSeaGreen 8bb381
DarkSeaGreen1 c3fdb8 DarkSeaGreen2 b5eaaa DarkSeaGreen3 99c68e
DarkSeaGreen4 617c58 DarkSlateBlue 2b3856 DarkSlateGray 25383c
DarkSlateGray1 9afeff DarkSlateGray2 8eebec DarkSlateGray3 78c7c7
DarkSlateGray4 4c7d7e DarkTurquoise 3b9c9c DarkViolet 842dce
DeepPink f52887 DeepPink2 e4287c DeepPink3 c12267
DeepPink4 7d053f DeepSkyBlue 3bb9ff DeepSkyBlue2 38acec
DeepSkyBlue3 3090c7 DeepSkyBlue4 25587e DimGray 463e41
DodgerBlue 1589ff DodgerBlue2 157dec DodgerBlue3 1569c7
DodgerBlue4 153e7e Firebrick 800517 firebrick1 f62817
firebrick2 e42217 firebrick3 c11b17 FloralWhite fff9ee
ForestGreen 4e9258 gainsboro d8d9d7 GhostWhite f7f7ff
Gold d4a017 gold1 fdd017 gold2 eac117
gold3 c7a317 gold4 806517 Goldenrod edda74
goldenrod1 fbb917 goldenrod2 e9ab17 goldenrod3 c68e17
goldenrod4 805817 Gray 736f6e Gray0 150517
White/Gray1 ffffff Gray18 250517 Gray21 2b1b17
Gray23 302217 Gray24 302226 Gray25 342826
Gray26 34282c Gray27 382d2c Gray28 3b3131
Gray29 3e3535 Gray30 413839 Gray31 41383c
Gray32 463e3f Gray34 4a4344 Gray35 4c4646
Gray36 4e4848 Gray37 504a4b Gray38 544e4f
Gray39 565051 Gray40 595454 Gray41 5c5858
Gray42 5f5a59 Gray43 625d5d Gray44 646060
Gray45 666362 Gray46 696565 Gray47 6d6968
Gray48 6e6a6b Gray49 726e6d Gray50 747170
Gray51 787473 Gray52 7a7777 Gray53 7c7979
Gray54 807d7c Gray55 82807e Gray56 858381
Gray57 878583 Gray58 8b8987 Gray59 8d8b89
Gray60 8f8e8d Gray61 939190 Gray62 959492
Gray63 999795 Gray64 9a9998 Gray65 9e9c9b
Gray66 a09f9d Gray67 a3a2a0 Gray68 a5a4a3
Gray69 a9a8a6 Gray70 acaba9 Gray71 aeadac
Gray72 b1b1af Gray73 b3b3b1 Gray74 b7b6b4
Gray75 b9b8b6 Gray76 bcbbba Gray77 bebebc
Gray78 c1c1bf Gray79 c3c4c2 Gray80 c7c7c5
Gray81 cacac9 Gray82 cccccb Gray83 d0cfcf
Gray84 d2d2d1 Gray85 d5d5d4 Gray86 d7d7d7
Gray87 dbdbd9 Gray88 dddddc Gray89 e0e0e0
Gray90 e2e3e1 Gray91 e5e6e4 Gray92 e8e9e8
Gray93 ebebea Gray94 eeeeee Gray95 f0f1f0
Gray96 f4f4f3 Gray97 f6f6f5 Gray98 f9f9fa
Gray99 fbfbfb Green 00ff00 green1 5ffb17
green2 59e817 green3 4cc417 green4 347c17
GreenYellow b1fb17 honeydew f0feee honeydew2 deebdc
honeydew3 bcc7b9 honeydew4 7a7d74 HotPink f660ab
HotPink1 f665ab HotPink2 e45e9d HotPink3 c25283
HotPink4 7d2252 IndianRed 5e2217 IndianRed1 f75d59
IndianRed2 e55451 IndianRed3 c24641 IndianRed4 7e2217
ivory ffffee ivory2 ececdc ivory3 c9c7b9
ivory4 817d74 Khaki ada96e khaki1 fff380
khaki2 ede275 khaki3 c9be62 khaki4 827839
lavender e3e4fa LavenderBlush fdeef4 LavenderBlush2 ebdde2
LavenderBlush3 c8bbbe LavenderBlush4 817679 LawnGreen 87f717
LemonChiffon fff8c6 LemonChiffon2 ece5b6 LemonChiffon3 c9c299
LemonChiffon4 827b60 LightBlue addfff LightBlue1 bdedff
LightBlue2 afdcec LightBlue3 95b9c7 LightBlue4 5e767e
LightCoral e77471 LightCyan e0ffff LightCyan2 cfecec
LightCyan3 afc7c7 LightCyan4 717d7d LightGoldenrod ecd872
LightGoldenrod1 ffe87c LightGoldenrod2 ecd672 LightGoldenrod3 c8b560
LightGoldenrod4 817339 LightGoldenrodYellow faf8cc LightPink faafba
LightPink1 f9a7b0 LightPink2 e799a3 LightPink3 c48189
LightPink4 7f4e52 LightSalmon f9966b LightSalmon2 e78a61
LightSalmon3 c47451 LightSalmon4 7f462c LightSeaGreen 3ea99f
LightSkyBlue 82cafa LightSkyBlue2 a0cfec LightSkyBlue3 87afc7
LightSkyBlue4 566d7e LightSlateBlue 736aff LightSlateGray 6d7b8d
LightSteelBlue 728fce LightSteelBlue1 c6deff LightSteelBlue2 b7ceec
LightSteelBlue3 9aadc7 LightSteelBlue4 646d7e LightYellow fffedc
LightYellow2 edebcb LightYellow3 c9c7aa LightYellow4 827d6b
LimeGreen 41a317 linen f9eee2 Magenta ff00ff
magenta1 f43eff magenta2 e238ec magenta3 c031c7
Maroon 810541 maroon1 f535aa maroon2 e3319d
maroon3 c12283 maroon4 7d0552 Medium Aquamarine 348781
MediumBlue 152dc6 MediumForestGreen 347235 MediumGoldenrod ccb954
MediumOrchid b048b5 MediumOrchid1 d462ff MediumOrchid2 c45aec
MediumOrchid3 a74ac7 MediumOrchid4 6a287e MediumPurple 8467d7
MediumPurple1 9e7bff MediumPurple2 9172ec MediumPurple3 7a5dc7
MediumPurple4 4e387e MediumSeaGreen 306754 MediumSlateBlue 5e5a80
MediumSpringGreen 348017 MediumTurquoise 48cccd MediumVioleTRed ca226b
MidnightBlue 151b54 MintCream f5fff9 MistyRose fde1dd
MistyRose2 ead0cc MistyRose3 c6afac MistyRose4 806f6c
moccasin fde0ac NavajoWhite fddaa3 NavajoWhite2 eac995
NavajoWhite3 c7aa7d NavajoWhite4 806a4b Navy 150567
OldLace fcf3e2 OliveDrab 658017 OliveDrab1 c3fb17
OliveDrab2 b5e917 OliveDrab3 99c517 OliveDrab4 617c17
Orange f87a17 orange1 fa9b17 orange2 e78e17
orange3 c57717 orange4 7f4817 OrangeRed f63817
OrangeRed2 e43117 OrangeRed3 c22817 OrangeRed4 7e0517
Orchid e57ded orchid1 f67dfa orchid2 e473e7
orchid3 c160c3 orchid4 7d387c PaleGoldenrod ede49e
PaleGreen 79d867 PaleGreen1 a0fc8d PaleGreen2 94e981
PaleGreen3 7dc56c PaleGreen4 4e7c41 PaleTurquoise aeebec
PaleTurquoise1 bcfeff PaleTurquoise2 adebec PaleTurquoise3 92c7c7
PaleTurquoise4 5e7d7e PaleVioleTRed d16587 PaleVioleTRed1 f778a1
PaleVioleTRed2 e56e94 PaleVioleTRed3 c25a7c PaleVioleTRed4 7e354d
PapayaWhip feeccf PeachPuff fcd5b0 PeachPuff2 eac5a3
PeachPuff3 c6a688 PeachPuff4 806752 peru c57726
Pink faafbe pink2 e7a1b0 pink3 c48793
pink4 7f525d Plum b93b8f plum1 f9b7ff
plum2 e6a9ec plum3 c38ec7 plum4 7e587e
PowderBlue addce3 purple 8e35ef purple1 893bff
purple2 7f38ec purple3 6c2dc7 purple4 461b7e
Red ff0000 red1 f62217 red2 e41b17
RosyBrown b38481 RosyBrown1 fbbbb9 RosyBrown2 e8adaa
RosyBrown3 c5908e RosyBrown4 7f5a58 RoyalBlue 2b60de
RoyalBlue1 306eff RoyalBlue2 2b65ec RoyalBlue3 2554c7
RoyalBlue4 15317e salmon1 f88158 salmon2 e67451
salmon3 c36241 salmon4 7e3817 SandyBrown ee9a4d
SeaGreen 4e8975 SeaGreen1 6afb92 SeaGreen2 64e986
SeaGreen3 54c571 SeaGreen4 387c44 seashell fef3eb
seashell2 ebe2d9 seashell3 c8bfb6 seashell4 817873
Sienna 8a4117 sienna1 f87431 sienna2 e66c2c
sienna3 c35817 sienna4 7e3517 SkyBlue 6698ff
SkyBlue1 82caff SkyBlue2 79baec SkyBlue3 659ec7
SkyBlue4 41627e SlateBlue 737ca1 SlateBlue1 7369ff
SlateBlue2 6960ec SlateBlue3 574ec7 SlateBlue4 342d7e
SlateGray 657383 SlateGray1 c2dfff SlateGray2 b4cfec
SlateGray3 98afc7 SlateGray4 616d7e snow fff9fa
snow2 ece7e6 snow3 c8c4c2 snow4 817c7b
SpringGreen 4aa02c SpringGreen1 5efb6e SpringGreen2 57e964
SpringGreen3 4cc552 SpringGreen4 347c2c SteelBlue 4863a0
SteelBlue1 5cb3ff SteelBlue2 56a5ec SteelBlue3 488ac7
SteelBlue4 2b547e Tan d8af79 tan1 fa9b3c
tan2 e78e35 Thistle d2b9d3 thistle1 fcdfff
thistle2 e9cfec thistle3 c6aec7 thistle4 806d7e
tomato f75431 tomato2 e54c2c tomato3 c23e17
Turquoise 43c6db turquoise1 52f3ff turquoise2 4ee2ec
turquoise3 43bfc7 turquoise4 30787e Violet 8d38c9
VioleTRed e9358a VioleTRed1 f6358a VioleTRed2 e4317f
VioleTRed3 c12869 VioleTRed4 7d0541 Wheat f3daa9
wheat1 fee4b1 wheat2 ebd3a3 wheat3 c8b189
wheat4 816f54 White/Gray1 ffffff Yellow ffff00
yellow1 fffc17 YellowGreen 52d017